Dr Warren Lee

Paediatrics, Growth & Diabetes Center


Alta Vista is privileged to have a very experienced Chef in residence. Chef I. Made Sujana has more than a decade of culinary experience in the hospitality industry and comes to us with a wide repertoire of Balinese, Indonesian and Western cuisines. Chef Made is pleased to offer a menu at Alta Vista that reflects the best of locally grown and sourced ingredients. Fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and coffee are grown in abundance in the mountains of North Bali and come market fresh to Alta Vista. Locally sourced chicken and pork are of very high quality. Fresh water fish such as Mujair and Gourami are also abundantly available from regional lakes. Obtaining good beef and fresh seafood is slightly more challenging as these have to come from a greater distance away, but they are also obtainable when called for.

Alta Vista is not a hotel with a full-fledged restaurant service. It is a home-stay with a family kitchen. Chef Made works alone with the help of the three Housekeepers cum Butlers. Nevertheless, Chef Made has endeavoured to provide as wide ranging a menu as possible to suit all tastes. However, please note that it is not possible to provide strictly Halal or Kosher food in the villa. If you have special requests, our chef will try to fulfil them, within limits of available ingredients from local markets and his capability.

When Alta Vista is booked in its entirety by one party, or if there is a group of at least 6 eating together, we recommend that meals be taken “family style” at the main dining table. Catering a selection of dishes for a large group to share is more efficient than catering a different meal for every individual guest. Should the villa be more than 50% occupied by unrelated parties of guests in each villa, Daily Menu Specials curated from the main menu will be offered in lieu of the whole menu.

A full course breakfast is complimentary for all guests staying at Alta Vista. We request that guests order breakfast the night before and lunch and/or dinner soon after breakfast so that our chef can go to the market to obtain the freshest possible ingredients. Late requests will depend on in-house availability of ingredients.