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Areas of Concern

  • Have you ever wondered why your blood glucose patterns are too high, too low and often never right no matter?

  • Dr Lee is a pioneer in the use of medtronic CSII pumps in Singapore, having initiated them in paediatric patients since 1998.

  • To achieve optimum long term health and reduce or delay the onset of diabetes complications.

  • Growth medication can be of great help to people who are short and who are still able to grow.

  • During adolescence, the child gradually matures into an adult physically, emotionally and intellectually.

  • Endocrine problems in childhood include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, precocious puberty

  • What to do when your child is too short or growng up faster than expected?


Dr Warren Lee Wei Rhen

MBBS ( NUS) 1985
M Med Paediatrics ( NUS ) 1992
Fellow Academy of Medicine, Singapore ( Paediatrics ) 1997
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of London 2000
Fellow, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2007

"My greatest satisfaction lies in giving my patients and their parents an “Aha” moment when they understand what is happening to themselves and their children, which helps them self manage with ever greater accuracy and confidence.“

My Background

I trained as a paediatrician in Singapore and in paediatric endocrinology at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, started the paediatric endocrinology service in KK Children’s Hospital in 1997 , and also helped to start adolescent medicine services in KK Childrens Hospital in 2007.

I have travelled to and taught on diabetes and endocrine topics all over the world both in developed and developing countries, on every continent except Antarctica . I have been looking after children and young people with diabetes of all types since 1992, been a somatropin prescriber since 1993-4, and a pump prescriber since 1998-99.

My Professional Philosophy

My policy is to try and assess my patients as carefully and thoroughly as I am able, and to try to get to the bottom of the problem. Then I will try to explain to the patient, the parents and family members what is going on, what can and what cannot be done.

If treatment is possible, we will go through the various options together and take it from there, to choose what is in the best interest of the child and the family, in the context of the country, the culture and the constraints of time and resources.

If treatment options are not possible or expectations cannot be met, I want to be up front with you, so that you will not be disappointed later, by me or by another healthcare provider.



Dr Lee is a pioneer in the use of Medtronic CSII pumps in Singapore, having initiated them in paediatric patients since they were first introduced into Singapore in 1998 and has initiated pumps in babies a year old and onward, up to women with Type 1 diabetes wanting to start a family and achieving better control and helped many patients with very active lifestyles and intensive sports training to use a pump delivery to live life to the full.

Having many years of experience in initiating pumps and having a high total number of pumps started / doctor and a high number of pump starts / clinic / per yr in Singapore, Dr Lee is able help with smooth and fuss free pump initiation,usually as an outpatient or if required, as an inpatient, and also with post initiation trouble shooting in a wide range of clinical situations.

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Continuous glucose measurement system ( CGMS )


Continuous glucose measurement system ( CGMS ) devices measure glucose levels in interstitial fluid ( the liquid between cells) and outside the blood vessels. Finger prick glucose meters measure the glucose levels in whole blood which is obtained from a finger prick. The blood from a finger prick sample is from capillaries and is a mix of arterial and venous blood and may show lower levels of glucose because some glucose may have already been used up by the tissues as the blood passes through the capillary netwok in the tissues.

CGMS devices typically are used by T1DM, but some T2DM ptients use it too .

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